To choose a valve operation configuration for the Flow System

Valve Information
There are 2 "distrubance" valves you can control for the Flow System experiment. The valves are on a parallel flow line from the pump. You can specify the opening and closing of either of the two motor-operated valves during an experiment

Sample of how to specity the opening and closing of one of the valves:


The valves are motor-operated valves that take about 10 second to Go from fully open to fully clsed, and vice versa.

At the start of an experiment, the valves are closed.


The valves will cycle open and closed repeatedly during your experiment according to the parameters that you enter. You can specify the length of time that either valve is open and the length of time it is closed.

For example:
In the sample configuration shown over on the left, #1 is closed for 15 seconds and open for 30 seconds. This will cause Valve #1 to cycle in 45 second periods (= 15 + 30) and be closed for 15 then open for 30 seconds.

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